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     The sport of box lacrosse has been growing around the country for years, and you can see the impact it has had on the players in areas that are not known for having strong lacrosse programs or history.  The question you should ask yourself is, why are players from smaller markets, getting recruited over players from Maryland and New York? The answer is simple, box lacrosse, multiple sport athletes and time off!

     The Maryland area is heavily driven by field lacrosse, as it is one of two originial hotbeds of lacrosse in the United States.  The main clubs are cemented as some of the top club field programs around the country.  The teams and players who are getting better and doing so at an alarming rate, are the ones who play box in the off season.  Teams from the other markets, who lost games by 8, now are losing by one or two now, in two years, they will be making a claim as the top program in the country.  Box lacrosse provides so much that the field game cannot.  The creativity, pace of play, descision making, read and react game play, and smaller windows for everything, make box the ultimate training for lacrosse overall.