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Frequently Asked Questions

When does your season take place?

The MABLL Acadmey has box programing from August to the begining of March each year.  We concentrate on training, fundamentals and taking players and familys to travel box lacrosse tournaments. 

What days of the week are practices held?

Days depend on location, tournament dates and what teams are formed.  

How much does it cost?

The Acadmey membership is priced to give each player at least 15 hrs of training, more is usually provided.  We add training with the more players we have, this extra money allows us to buy goalie gear and rent more time to train.  

Our goal is to keep the fees to approximately $20-$25 per hour of floor time.

Where did the Academy come from?

The MABLL was founded in 1975 by Byron Snyder who was a fan of the Maryland Arrows of the original National Lacrosse League. The league began play at the Bowie Ice Rink and moved to the College Park Ice Arena in 1978. In 1986, long time player Don West moved the league to Sports Network in Manassas, Virginia. In the fall of 2006, the league moved to The BOX in Chantilly, VA. In 2012 the league moved to its current home at the Dulles Sportsplex in Sterling, VA. Indoor lacrosse has undergone many changes over the years and participation had dropped from its height in the late 90's. With the re-emergence of the MABLL and a private-run league, box lacrosse once again thrives in the DC area with over 200 members per season.

What are the age requirements?

Kids 3rd grade to High School.  Smaller kids will have the opportunity to play with our clinics and camps.

What are the skill or experience requirements?

Individual Players: There are no set requirements for single players entering the Acadmey.  The Academy will be developing all of the players with training camps and coaching provided by the MABLL Academy.

What equipment do I need?

Most standard lax equipment will do the trick but here’s a breakdown of what you need. Stick (no long sticks), lacrosse gloves, athletic cup, arm pads, shoulder pads, rib and back pads, and helmet with cage or other full face guard. (Lacrosse helmets or ice hockey helmets with full face guards are fine.)  Please visit our Equipment page.

I want to play goalie. What equipment do I need?

Box lacrosse goalies are equipped similarly to hockey goalie. Full chest and arm protector, goalie pants, box lacrosse goalie leg guards, helmet, gloves, cup and a stick. Visit our Equipment page for more info.  Basic level goalie equipment is available for use for new goalies.  Goalies providing their own Cat 3 legal equipment will get a discount due to the high cost of equipment (~$1500)

How do I get on a team if I am new to the Acadmey?

All players will be placed on a team after we start training and evaluate skill level and game play capablility. 

Can I come down and play just to try it without registering?

Yes, join a clinic or show up at a pick night!

What rules does the MABLL Academy train under?

The MABLL Acadmey will play under the US Box Lacrosse Rulebook, Intenational rules and Canadian Rules, all with modifications.  Unfortunatley, just like outdoor lacrosse, Box is quickly running into the same problem.  Too many rule variations.

If you have more questions, please ask, we love to talk lacrosse!