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When does your season take place?

The MABLL has a Winter season (December-February).  The MABLL is off during the traditional spring field season.

Where does the MABLL play?
There will be 2 locations for the league in 2020/21.  The North Division will play in Baltimore and the West Division will play at FISC in Frederick, MD.

What days of the week are games played?
Game schedule will be released soon for 2020/21 season!

How old is the league?

The MABLL was founded in 1975 by Byron Snyder who was a fan of the Maryland Arrows of the original National Lacrosse League. The league began play at the Bowie Ice Rink and moved to the College Park Ice Arena in 1978. In 1986, long time player Don West moved the league to Sports Network in Manassas, Virginia. In the fall of 2006, the league moved to The BOX in Chantilly, VA. In 2012 the league moved to its current home at the Dulles SportsPlex in Sterling, VA. Indoor lacrosse has undergone many changes over the years and participation had dropped from its height in the late 90's. With the re-emergence of the MABLL and a private-run league, box lacrosse once again thrives in the DC area with over 200 members per season.

What are the age requirements?
The MABLL will have a Junior A/B divsion U18, Midget U16, Bantam U14 and PeeWee U12 Divisons.  

What are the skill or experience requirements?
Individual Players: There are no set requirements for single players entering the league.  The league will be developing all of the players with training camps and coaching provided by the MBLA.
Team Requirements: All team entries must be approved by the MABLL before participation.  Since the MABLL is a very competitive league, we request that all team core entries be composed of experienced lacrosse players. The MABLL reserves the right to reject any team entry based on inexperience or skill level.

What equipment do I need?
Most standard lax equipment will do the trick but here’s a breakdown of what you need. Stick (no long sticks), lacrosse gloves, athletic cup, arm pads, shoulder pads, rib and back pads, and helmet with cage or other full face guard. (Lacrosse helmets or ice hockey helmets with full face guards are fine.)  Please visit our Equipment page.

I want to play goalie. What equipment do I need?
Box lacrosse goalies are equipped similarly to hockey goalie. Full chest and arm protector, goalie pants, box lacrosse goalie leg guards, helmet, gloves, cup and a stick. Visit our Equipment page for more info.

How do I get on a team if I am new to the MABLL?
All players will be placed on a team and will sign up as a FREE AGENT. 

What are the requirements for entering a team?
Anyone wishing to enter a competitive team into the MABLL, will play in the C league.  This league will not be part of the developmental model provided by the MBLA.  The MABLL strongly suggest all players sign up as free agents and after training camp, they will be placed on a team. 

Can I come down and play just to try it without registering?
Yes . . .only at sactioned clinics run by the MBLA which will happen aroung the area weekly. During the regular season has started, you will have to watch the games like everyone else.

Does the MABLL use the same rules as the NLL , USBoxla or US Lacrosse?
The MABLL will play under the United Lacrosse League, ULL, rules.  These are Canadian Box Lacrosse Rules. It is strongley suggested that each player reads the rule book provided.  Cheap hits are not tolerated and severely punished.  Fighting is a one-game suspension for the first offense and suspension for the rest of the season for the second offense.