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     The Rebels were founded in 1997, by Billy Curtis, owner of Rebel Lacrosse Wear.  The team started as a field travel tournamnet team and quickly grew into something bigger.  Billy Curtis, grew up playing box lacrosse in upstate New York and loved the game.  Billy traveled to Europe after college and spent several years teaching lacrosse and building contacts with the Europeon lacrosse circuit.  

     Some of the first box teams organized and run under the name Rebel Box Lacrosse played in the Baltimore Indoor Lacrosse League and traveled to Radotin, Czech Republic in 2001.  The Rebels were the first American Box team to travel to Europe and play in the Ales Hrebesky Memorial.  The Rebels traveled to the tournament 4 straight years and made an enourmous impact on the town and the people there.  Each year, the tournament grew, facilities were enhanced and of courese, more friends were made.  

     The Rebels continued to play in the BILL every fall in Baltimore, and now will be offering a Junior program run by The MABLL Academy.  Some of the originial Rebel players from the beginning are running the program and will be guiding the new generation of Rebels to play in some of the best box lacrosse tournaments around the world!

Do you have what it takes to be a Rebel?