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The Maryland Arrows were the first Pro Box Lacrosse Team in Maryland during the original NLL in the mid to late seventies.  As Box Lacrosse morphed into what now know as the National Lacrosse League, which gave the area three more pro teams, the Washington Power, Baltimore Thunder and Washington Wave.   All these franchises left the area and Box lacrosse has been dormit from the DMV area for almost 2 decades.  The Maryland Arrows were brought back as a Men's team in 2017 and when the NLL would not allow a Junior Thunder, Wave or Power team, Scott Joyner started the Junior Arrows program. 

Our approach to teaching the game comes from coaches who all play the game.  Many have played at the international level, pro level and in leagues up and down the North East.  This sport is not for every field player as it takes you out of your comfort zone, and forces you to refine your game.  Playing multiple sports or variations of a sport, like True Canadian Style Box lacrosse, will make all field players, willing to learn the game, a better player!  The ones who fall in love with the game, will continue to play it for the rest of their careers. 

Coach Joyner has been providing clinics for all players, at all ages and skill levels since 2017.  Yes, men have come to the kids clinics to learn the box game!  Girls and boys are welcome, yes girls can pad up or run through fast paced drills and learn to play faster, think faster and react to situations.  

The Arrows are different from any club and how we approach the game.  We travel together, eat dinners together and mix kids up from all different club teams across the area.  We pick quality tournaments, leagues, and venues where our travel teams will compete each season.  



The Junior Arrows started in 2018 after an All-Star Team from the Premiere Series Lacrosse League, was formed and played in two events in Philadelphia.   The players and parents found that mixing together with other players and families was truely a unique concept that they had not experienced.    After this success, Coach Joyner, attempted to start a Junior NLL team, from one of the three previous teams in the area.  The front office of the NLL would not allow this, so he went back to the roots of Box Lacrosse in the DC area, and formed The Junior Maryland Arrows! 

In the end, we want all the kids who come through the program to have an experience like no where else in club lacrosse.  That is why, every year starting in 2022, besides what we normally do, we will be taking our HS age teams to the Czech Republic, for the Frank Menchner Cup, to a small town called, Radotin,  every September.  This is the brother tournament, to the best box tournament in the world, the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, which is played in April.  It is a special place to visit, incredible venue to play in and one of the oldest cities in the world.  It will truely be, a once in a lifetime experience!