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The Maryland Arrows will be forming teams to             

travel, throught the Academy.  The players in the 

Acadmey  will be evaluated and placed on travel

teams for box lacrosse tournaments.  We will take 

any player has the ability to have a good 

experience and grow as a player.  

If a player is not ready to travel, we will get that

player ready and make sure they are successful! 

We believe in putting the kids in positions to fail

but able to learn and recover. 

With failure comes success, but it needs to be 

accomplished that right way!  















The Rebels are the second team to join the Academy!

The same philosphy and coaching will go into

both programs and available for all players in the


The Rebels will pull players from the Baltimore

County Hartford County and all over Maryland.  

We look forward to continuing an incredible tradition

of box lacrosse in the Baltimore Area!