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MABLL Masters Leagues

Box Lacrosse for the 40+ Player


The MABLL Masters Leagues are designed with safety in mind and the premise that box lacrosse is a lifetime sport. Box lacrosse is more forgiving as players age due to the smaller field size, no long-sticks and the ball is always in play.

Player safety is the primary focus of the MABLL Masters Leagues because we all have families, jobs and responsibilities to return to and want a safe, fun but competitive environment to continue our lacrosse careers.

We have modeled the rules after the Canadian Masters rules but with some modifications for the American players.  Some of the major rules adjustments from Open to Masters include:

  • Limited Contact On Loose Balls
  • No Dangerous Shots
  • No Bodychecking

For the Southern Divisions, games will be held on Sundays at Dulles Sportsplex from 7p-11pm to not interfere with outdoor leagues!!

League fees include 8 games and CUSTOM BOX Jerseys and Shorts!! Future fees will be discounted if you have your previous uniform.