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The Metro Area Box Lacrosse Academy is the DMV Regions place to learn true box lacrosse in the VA, DC-Baltimore Metro area.  The Metro Area Box Lacrosse Academy will provide the following:


  • Teach True Canadian Box Lacrosse
  • Provide leadership, oversight, and structure, in order to protect and serve the mutual interests of the six clubs in the Metro Area Box Lacrosse Academy.
  • Provide instruction and coaching standards to member clubs to ensure proper and safe Canadian Style Box Lacrosse
  • Create accountable governance, rules, and officiating to maximize the enjoyment of Canadian Box Lacrosse
  • Work side by side with the Metro Area Box Lacrosse League, promote competition, and name a DMV Canadian Box Lacrosse Champion at each age group
  • Assist recreational programs, club programs, and field programs to become meaningfully involved in Canadian Box Lacrosse
  • Maintain proper sportsmanshiop and provide a great environment to learn the Canadain Box Lacrosse Game.
  • Respect and love the game
  • Play more box


There will be 6 member clubs under the Metro Area Box Lacrosse Acadmey.  The number six is significant and correlated to the Haudenosaunee tradition of its Six Nations in the Iroquois Confederacy: The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora.  In these Six Nations is where the game and traditions of Lacrosse originated. 



The Academy will grow one box player at a time!.